People love startups

Because knowing about one more startup equals opportunity.

Depending on who is learning about your startup, your startup might be

  • Next Job opportunity
  • Next Sales opportunity
  • Next Cool thing to buy
  • Next Investment opportunity
  • Next Partnership opportunity
  • Next News article/blogpost opportunity
  • Next Tweet or Social Media post opportunity
  • Next cool thing to tell friends about

You'll never know. Neither will I.

One thing I know for sure that you can understand, knowing about your startup is a big opportunity for me to tell others.

The more I'll tell about your startup the more opportunities I can create for myself.

I'm aware, I can't help you like those big online publishers, media networks and startup directories.

However, I can help you in lots of ways they can't even think about.

You're here, reading this, means I deserve a shot. Add your startup